Clothes using algae have antibacterial properties and are more durable and environmentally friendly as they are fully biodegradable. Algae fabric helps fire up muscles and burns fat faster. The marine algae used in fitness clothing undergoes a production process to increase its durability. The solution that gives the fabric its innovative properties is called to finish kelp, which is rich in minerals , vitamin B, iodine and other components necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. One of its components is called gotu kola and it stimulates the production of collagen, which helps to eliminate and prevent cellulite. This product also contains ginkgo, which supports the free flow of blood and oxygen in the body. This extract rich in iodine speeds up metabolism, provides skin firmness and healthy color. The active elements are enclosed in microcapsules which are released during use of the article, for example, during training.


Sweat is quickly whisked away from the skin and distributed over a large area. The moisture steams off the garment, allowing for ultra thermal comfort.


Made with WINDTEX® ­certified fabric that has a membrane coating which helps maintain thermal comfort while protecting the user against wind and water. Thanks to these properties, it helps to maintain a friendly microclimate between the skin and material. Its light weight and flexibility make it a unique technical fabric on the market.

Freedom WR WX:

WINDPROOF – 10.000




These shirts are made from cellulose fiber produced from trees on the base of viscose. The fabric is marked by high resistance to damage and a satin gloss. This material absorbs about 50% more moisture than cotton. It is very friendly to the skin because it keeps it dry and allows it to breathe.

In addition, the fibers have a smooth, soft structure that prevents the breach of the modal surface during washing, so that it always retains its softness and elasticity.